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The Nortel Phone T7316 and Nortel Phone 7316E are full-featured, multi-line telephones that have a two-line, 16-character-per-line display that is menu-driven and supported by three context-sensitive soft keys. Both are part of the The Nortel T7000 Business Series Terminals famliy.  The T7316 and T7316E provides access to 24 memory buttons, 16 of which include multi-segment icons for fast and precise decision making. It is designed for high call volume positions requiring access to extensive system features. The T7316E is expandable with the T24 KEM module. Typical users include supervisors, managers, executives, and other business professionals.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about the T7316 and T7316E

How to tell the T7316 and T7316E apart
Expand your T7316E with T24 CAP Module
Part number reference for the T7000 Series
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Everything you ever wanted to know about the Nortel Phone T7316 and Nortel Phone T7316E

Feature Benefit T7316


BCM and Norstar Compatible Increases productivity with common telephones across multiple systems X X
Caller identification (Caller ID) Used to recognize or screen incoming calls X X
Date and time Useful information at a consolidated source X X
Liquid crystal display (LCD) Displays information in an easy-to-read format X X
Speakerphone Crystal clear hands-free operation X X
Dedicated headset jack Reduces cost and simplifies installation X X
Call log Increases productivity by storing caller information X X
Message waiting indication Serves as a dual-purpose indicator for incoming call alerts and voice mail X X
Distinctive ring tones/types Allows users to customize ringtones based on preference X X
Memory buttons with LCD Gives users an icon displaying the status of each button X X
Speakerphone Crystal clear hands-free operation X X
Audio control center Quick toggle between handset, headset and handsfree without audio disruption X X
Busy lamp field Station status and one touch call routing for system subscribers X X
Multi-segment icons Improves internal communication flow with a station status for system subscribers X X
Wall mount capable Improves internal communication and security with flexible deployment options X X
Expandable with the T24 Key Lamp Module Adds 24 buttons for additional lines and/or features X

How to tell the Nortel / Norstar / BCM T7316 and T7316E apart

The T7316 and T7316E can be distinguished by the extra button below the dialpad on the T7316E.  The speakerphone button on the T7316E has been relocated here.  This frees up a programmable key on the right side of the phone -- instead of the speakerphone feature for one of the programmable keys, you can program a line or feature.  Both the T7316 and T7316E feature handsfree speakerphone.

"So what's the functional difference between the T7316 and T7316E?"

The T7316E is expandable.  The T7316 is not.  

The T7316E can be expanded with the T24 CAP module for additional lines and/or feature buttons.  The T24 CAP module is NOT compatible with the T7316.  Another difference is that the speakerphone button has been relocated to beneath the dialpad on the T7316E, freeing up a programmable line/feature button on the right side of the phone.

Expand the capacity of your T7316E with a T24 CAP module from

Easily expand the capacity of your T7316E!  Up to nine T24 CAP/KEM units can be added to the T7316E.  If you add five or more T24 units, you'll need a secondary auxiliary power supply (SAPS), available separately.  Each T24 unit allows you to add up to 24 features or line buttons to your phone.