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AVA_61886   008 MLX AVAYA Merlin MAGIX Module - 61886
AVA_61879   008 OPT AVAYA Merlin MAGIX Off-Premise Telephone Module Card - 61879
AVA_61851   016 ETR AVAYA Merlin MAGIX Module - 61851
AVA_61811   016 MLX AVAYA Merlin MAGIX Module - 61811
AVA_61807   016 Tip/Ring AVAYA Merlin MAGIX Module - 61807
AVA_61804   024 TDL AVAYA Merlin MAGIX Module - 61804
AVA_61880   100 DCD AVAYA Merlin MAGIX DS1 Module w/ CSU/DSU
AVA_61891   100 DS1 AVAYA Merlin MAGIX Module - 61891
AVA_63185   120A2 CSU Module (Channel Service Unit) 63185
AVA_63185A3   120A3 CSU Module (Channel Service Unit) 63185A3
327410BB   302C AVAYA DEFINITY Attendant Console with Display
AVA_MERLIN34STD   34-BTN AVAYA MERLIN Standard 34-Button Digital Telephone
AVA_61892   400 E&M Tie Line - AVAYA Merlin MAGIX Module - 61892
AVA_61805   408 GS/LS-ID MLX - AVAYA Merlin MAGIX Module - 61805
AVA_61803   412 TDL AVAYA Merlin MAGIX Module - 61803
4400   4400 - AVAYA Merlin MAGIX Telephone - Single Line Digital
4400D   4400D - AVAYA Merlin MAGIX Telephone - Single Line Digital w/ Display
4406DPLUS   4406D+ AVAYA Merlin MAGIX 6-Button Digital Telephone w/ Display
4412DPLUS   4412D+ AVAYA Merlin MAGIX 12-Button Digital Telephone w/ Display
4424DPLUS   4424D+ AVAYA Merlin MAGIX 24-Button Digital Telephone w/ Display
4424LDPLUS   4424LD+ AVAYA Merlin MAGIX 24-Button Digital Telephone w/ Large Display
4450   4450 AVAYA Merlin MAGIX DSS Direct Station Selector for 4424 Phones
5402   5402 Digital AVAYA Phone - 700381981 - 700345309
5410   5410 Digital AVAYA Phone - 700382005, 700345291
5420   5420 Digital AVAYA Phone - 700381627, 700339823
5601   5601 IP AVAYA Phone - 700345366
5602SW   5602SW IP AVAYA Phone - 700345358
5610SW   5610SW IP AVAYA Phone - 700381965
5620SW   5620SW IP AVAYA Phone - 700339815
5621SW   5621SW IP AVAYA Phone - 700385982
AVA_7302H   7302H 5-BTN AVAYA MERLIN 5-Button Set
AVA_3161172   7303H 10-BTN AVAYA MERLIN Standard Set
AVA_HFAI10   7309H HFAI-10 AVAYA MERLIN Telephone (Handsfree Auto Intercom)
AVA_316510   7313H BIS-10 AVAYA MERLIN 10-Button Built-In Speakerphone- 316510
AVA_MERBIS22   7314H BIS-22 AVAYA MERLIN 22-Button Built-In Speakerphone Set
AVA_BIS22D   7315H BIS-22D AVAYA MERLIN Display 22-Button Built-In Speakerphone Set
AVA_BIS34   7316H BIS-34 AVAYA MERLIN 34-Button Built-In Speakerphone Set
AVA_BIS34D   7317H BIS-34D AVAYA MERLIN 34-Button Display Speakerphone 7317H
3184-PLS   7401+ AVAYA DEFINITY Digital Telephone (7401 Plus)
3174-16D   7403 D01 AVAYA DEFINITY Digital Telephone
3175-40D   7405 D01 AVAYA DEFINITY Digital Telephone
3182-LCD   7406 D01 / D03 AVAYA DEFINITY Display Digital Telephone
3183-BDT   7406 D02 / D04 AVAYA DEFINITY Digital Telephone
AVA_3182PLS9   7406 D07 AVAYA Definity 7406D+ Display Phone- 3182PLS9
3183-PLS   7406+ D08 AVAYA DEFINITY Digital Telephone with Speakerphone
AVA_3180PLS9   7407 D02 AVAYA Definity 7407D+ Display Phone- 3180PLS9
3186-PLS   7410+ D02 AVAYA DEFINITY Digital Telephone
3187-VFD   7444 AVAYA DEFINITY Digital Telephone with Display
3233-03B   8403 BLACK AVAYA DEFINITY 3-Button Digital Telephone 323303
3233-5SB   8405B+ AVAYA DEFINITY 5-Button Digital Handsfree Telphone (8405B Plus)
3233-6SB   8405D+ AVAYA DEFINITY 5-Button Digital Handsfree Display Telephone
3234-05   8410 AVAYA DEFINITY 10-Button Basic Digital Handsfree Telephone
3235-05B   8410D AVAYA DEFINITY 10-Button Handsfree Digital Telephone w/Display- 323505B
3235-TRB   8411D AVAYA DEFINITY 10-Button Handsfree Digital Telephone w/ Display
3236-08B   8434DX AVAYA DEFINITY 34-Button Handsfree Digital Telephone w/ Display- 323608B
9610   9610 IP AVAYA Phone - 700383912
9620   9620 IP AVAYA Phone - 700426711
9620C   9620C IP AVAYA Phone - 700461205
9620L   9620L IP AVAYA Phone - 700461197
9630   9630 IP AVAYA Phone - 700426729
9630G   9630G IP AVAYA Phone - 700405673
9640   9640 IP AVAYA Phone - 700383920
9640G   9640G IP AVAYA Phone - 700419195
9650   9650 IP AVAYA Phone - 700383938
9650C   9650C IP AVAYA Phone - 700461213
9670G   9670G IP AVAYA Phone - 700460215
A170001311005   Aastra 480i IP SIP Screen Phone - A1700-0131-1005
A175101311001   Aastra 51i IP Phone - A1751-0131-10-01
A173600001055   Aastra 536M Expansion Module - A-1736-0000-10-55
A175301311001   Aastra 53i IP Phone - A1753-0131-10-01
A175501311001   Aastra 55i IP Phone - A1755-0131-10-01
A176000001055   Aastra 560M Expansion Module - A1760-0000-10-55
A175801311001   Aastra 57i CT IP Phone with Cordless Accessory Handset - A1758-0131-10-01
A175701311001   Aastra 57i IP Phone - A1757-0131-10-01
M9120   Aastra 9120 2-Line Caller ID Phone with Speakerphone
M8004   Aastra M8004 Telephone with Basic Features (Nortel)
M9116LPC   Aastra M9116 Caller ID Phone with Speakerphone
M9110   Aastra/Mitel M9110 Phone with Speakerphone
M8001   Aastra/Nortel M8001 Analog Telephone (with Message Waiting Light)
NTMN80AA   AC Adapter for Nortel Meridian M3900 series phones
B0230393   AC Power Adapter for Nortel Aastra M5000 series phones
ACADAPTER_M8-9000   AC Power Adapters for Nortel M8000 and M9000 series analog phones
NTMN71AA   Accessory Connection Module for M3903/M3904/M3905
AMPHANDSET   Amplified Handset for M7000 and M2000 series
NTMN68   Analog Terminal Adapter for Nortel Meridian M3902, M3903, M3904, M3905 Phones
CT-3500-N   Anti-Suicide Cord-out-of-top Jail Phone - CT-3500
APC_PRO7T   APC PRO7T Professional Surge Arrest Protector
APC_SUA750XL   APC Smart-UPS SUA750XL Expandable Uninterruptible Power Supply
JP-3500-N   Armored Inmate Courtesy Phone - JP-3500
AS7200   AS7200 Assembly - AS7200 Dual Port DTI Card
1151D1   AVAYA 1151D1 Power Supply and Power Cord
HCAVA12   AVAYA 12' Coiled Handset Cord
AVA_63185A4   AVAYA 120A4 CSU Module (Channel Service Unit) 63185A4
AVA_63185A5   AVAYA 120A5 CSU Module (Channel Service Unit) 63185A5
AVA_63185A6   AVAYA 120A6 CSU Module (Channel Service Unit) 63185A6
handset1600   AVAYA 1600 Series Handset - 5 PACK
AVA_1603   AVAYA 1603 IP Phone
AVA_1608   AVAYA 1608 IP Phone
AVA_1616   AVAYA 1616 IP Phone
handset2400   AVAYA 2400 Series Handset - 5 PACK
3325-G02   AVAYA 2402 Digital Telephone
3325-G10   Avaya 2410 Digital Telephone Gray- 3325G10
3325-G20   Avaya 2420 Digital Telephone Gray - 3325G20
HCAVA25   AVAYA 25' Coiled Handset Cord
handset4400   AVAYA 4400 Series Handset - 5 PACK
handset46001   AVAYA 4600 Series 1 Handset - 5 PACK
handset46002   AVAYA 4600 Series 2 Handset - 5 PACK
AVA4601IP   AVAYA 4601 Basic VOIP Telephone
1889-02SW   AVAYA 4602 SW Display Feature VOIP Phone
4606-D01   AVAYA 4606 (D01) Display Feature VOIP Phone - 108576828 / 108576836 / 108627696
4606-D02   AVAYA 4606 (D02) Display Feature VOIP Phone - 700059306 / 700059314
1889-10G   AVAYA 4610SW Display Feature VOIP Phone- 188910G
4612-D01   AVAYA 4612 (D01) Display Feature VOIP Phone - 108690470 / 108690447
4612-D02   AVAYA 4612 (D02) Display Feature VOIP Phone - 700059348 / 700059355
AVA_188920G   AVAYA 4620 Executive Feature VOIP Phone with Display
AVA_4620SW   AVAYA 4620SW Executive Feature VOIP Phone with Display
AVA_1889-21G   AVAYA 4621 IP Office Telephone Set
4621SW   AVAYA 4621SW IP Office Telephone Set
4624-D01   AVAYA 4624 (D01) Executive Feature VOIP Phone with Display - 108576794 / 108576802
4624-D02   AVAYA 4624 (D02) Executive Feature VOIP Phone with Display - 700059389 / 700059397
AVA_700018807   AVAYA 4630 & 4630SW Touch Screen Display Feature IP Phone
handset5400   AVAYA 5400 Series Handset - 5 PACK
handset5600   AVAYA 5600 Series Handset - 5 PACK
handset6400   AVAYA 6400 Series Handset - 5 PACK
HCAVA7   AVAYA 7' Coiled Handset Cord
handset7400   AVAYA 7400 Series Handset - 5 PACK
handset8400   AVAYA 8100 / 8400 Series Handset - 5 PACK
handset9600   AVAYA 9600 Series Handset - 5 PACK
700510905-N   AVAYA 9608G 4 Pack (700505424) - 700510905
700510904-N   AVAYA 9611G 4 Pack (700504845) - 700510904
AVA_BM32   AVAYA BM32 Button Module KEM
CallMaster-I   AVAYA CallMaster I
CallMaster-II   AVAYA CallMaster II
CallMaster-III   AVAYA CallMaster III
CallMaster-IV   AVAYA CallMaster IV
CallMaster-V   AVAYA CallMaster V - 317950
CallMaster-VI   AVAYA CallMaster VI
AVA_31793G09   AVAYA Callmaster/Console Handset and Cradle Kit
3305-TR1   AVAYA Definity 100A Analog Interface Module
2404-010   AVAYA Definity 1151A1 Power Supply
63175   AVAYA Definity 302A1 Attendant Console 63175
3274-10B   AVAYA Definity 302B Attendant Console 3274-10B
167276   AVAYA Definity 302D Attendant Console 167276
AVA_337410B   AVAYA Definity 302D Handset and Cradle Kit
3302-02G   AVAYA Definity 6402D Digital Single Line Set w/ Display
6408PLUS   AVAYA Definity 6408+ Handsfree Telephone
6408DPLUS   AVAYA Definity 6408D+ Handsfree Display Telephone- 33048S
3306-16G   AVAYA Definity 6416D+ Handsfree Display Phone- 330616G
3306-6MG   AVAYA Definity 6416D+M Handsfree Display Telephone- 33066M
3307-24G   AVAYA Definity 6424D+ Handsfree Display Telephone- 330724G
3307-4MG   AVAYA Definity 6424D+M Handsfree Display Telephone- 33074MG
AVA_2404026   AVAYA Definity Telephone Power Supply 1151B1
63111   AVAYA Definity TN742 8-Port Analog Circuit Pack
XM24   AVAYA Definity XM24 24-Button Expansion Module
3324-GEXU   AVAYA EU24 Expansion DSS Module
700383771   AVAYA Gigabit Ethernet Adapter for the IP 9600 AVAYA Phone Series - 700383771
700512392-N   AVAYA J129 IP Phone - 700512392
700513916-N   AVAYA J139 IP Phone - 700513916
700513634-N   AVAYA J169 IP Phone - 700513634
700513569-N   AVAYA J179 IP Phone - 700513569
AVA_61486   AVAYA Legend 008 MLX Module - 61486
AVA_61511   AVAYA Legend 016 MLX Module - 61511
AVA_61493   AVAYA Legend 408 GS/LS MLX Module - 61493
AVA_61505   AVAYA Legend 408 GS/LS-ID/MLX Caller ID Module - 61505
linecord8c14   AVAYA Line Cords - 10 Pack - 14', 8-Conductor
AVA_MLM2PT   AVAYA Merlin Legend MLM Mail, 2-Port - 007 MLM
AVA_MLM4PT   AVAYA Merlin Legend MLM Mail, 4-Port - 007 MLM
AVA_MLM6PT   AVAYA Merlin Legend MLM Mail, 6-Port - 007 MLM
AVA_MLMUPGR2TO4   AVAYA Merlin Legend MLM Upgrade Card - 2 to 4 Ports
AVA_MLMUPG2TO6   AVAYA Merlin Legend MLM Upgrade Card - 2 to 6 Ports
handsetmlx   AVAYA Merlin Legend MLX series Handset - 5 PACK
AVA_MLM25   AVAYA Merlin Messaging 2.5 for Legend and Magix Systems (2-12 Ports)
AVA_MM1-1   AVAYA Merlin Messaging Release 1.1 (4 or 6 Ports)
handsetmerlin   AVAYA Merlin Series Handset - 5 PACK
6567201   AVAYA One-Touch Headset Amplifier for 7400/8400 Phones (SOTA)
315805   AVAYA Partner 18 Eurostyle (Series 1) ETR-18 Phone- 315805
315807   AVAYA Partner 18D Eurostyle (Series 1) ETR-18D Phone- 315807
315907   AVAYA Partner 18D Eurostyle (Series 2) Display Phone
AVA-60634   AVAYA Partner 200E Module
AVA-60626   AVAYA Partner 206E Rel. 3.0 Expansion Module
AVA-60631   AVAYA Partner 206E Rel. 3.1 Expansion Module
AVA-60631A   AVAYA Partner 206E Rel. 4.1 Expansion Module
315808   AVAYA Partner 34D Eurostyle (Series 1) ETR-34D Phone- 315808
315908   AVAYA Partner 34D Eurostyle (Series 2) Display Phone
AVA-60540   AVAYA Partner 400E Expansion Module
AVA_60561   AVAYA Partner 5-Slot Carrier, Release 2.0 60561
315804   AVAYA Partner 6 Eurostyle (Series 1) ETR-6 Phone- 315804
315904   AVAYA Partner 6D Eurostyle (Series 2) Display Phone
AVA_012E   AVAYA Partner ACS 012E
AVA_ACS2SLOT   AVAYA Partner ACS 2-Slot Carrier
AVA_60557   AVAYA Partner ACS 308EC Expansion Module
AVA_400EC   AVAYA Partner ACS 400EC Module with Caller ID
AVA_6054P70   AVAYA Partner ACS 7.0 Processor
AVA_ASADXD3   AVAYA Partner ACS ASA/DXD R3 PC Card - Automatic System Answer
AVA_ACSCLOSE   AVAYA Partner ACS Contact Closure Adjunct Unit
AVA_ACS6   AVAYA Partner ACS Processor 6.0
AVA_ACST1   AVAYA Partner ACS T1 Module
CA-24   AVAYA Partner CA-24 Assistant DSS/KEM for MLS-34D

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