Customer Testimonials

Please allow me to quote a phrase from your recent letter which states in part, "I really do believe that you deserve more than you expect…" Well, we got it! More that is, and more turned out to be an alternating current pedestal and power distribution uni for remote peripheral equipment. With an 11th hour requirement, I called Becky, of your staff, and in part said, "Becky, this is not a test, but rather it's the real thing." I then went on to describe what we needed. Becky very eagerly and enthusiastically seized this challenge and within the hour our much needed parts were on the way. They arrived the very next day and bought us the time we needed to complete our project on time. Truly, this was a Herculean effort and we could not have completed the requirement without a committed effort by your company. Please convey my sincere appreciation to all the members of your organization for a job well done. Keep up the good work.

Project Officer
Federal Emergency Management Agency

The tragedy of the World Trade Center disaster continues to impact us as a nation. Thankfully our [company name withheld] family did not have any casualties in our New York City office and all escaped with minimal physical injury. I wanted to express our deep appreciation for the way in which you immediately processed, staged, and delivered our order for over 200 telephones, 20 line cards and PBX software and hardware. This equipment was crucial to our team's ability to prepare five alternative work locations for our displaced co-workers. Without this equipment in such a timely manner, we would have been hard-pressed to complete our goal of having fully operational office space by Monday, September 18th. Thank you for responding so quickly during our time of need.

Rick D.
New York, New York

I would once again like to express my satisfaction in working with your company. It has been approximately five years since my last correspondence with you and our business relationship has expanded to include the repair of power supplies, circuit boards and more. It is rare these days to maintain the same point of contact with a vendor for more than a year or two, therefore, it has been reassuring to have had the same account manager with for almost nine years. The reason for this letter is an incident which occurred recently that reminded me of how much I've come to depend on for timely solutions to unexpected business problems or requests. On a Tuesday, I was informed of an executive meeting to be held in our building on Friday. There were to be remote attendees via our conference bridge but the speakerphone available in the conference room would not be satisfactory – a better alternative was required. A call to provided the solution and the equipment – a full-duplex audio-teleconferencing unit. The equipment arrived the next day, was installed and tested and worked to everyone's satisfaction on Friday. I look forward to many more years of continued business with your company.

Thomas H.
Troy, Michigan

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and their very responsive and thoughtful staff. Over the past two years, your company has responded to our requests for parts and repair service in a most timely manner. As a project manager, I've expressed my thanks to your service support staff and account managers, for their prompt service. Their can-do spirit and professional attitude has saved us and our Nortel customer countless hours of inconvenience and down time, and made dealing with a pleasant experience. Once again let me express our thanks to you and your staff for the support and service provided in the past, and we look forward to the continued great service your staff and company provides our service technicians.

Richard F.
Chesapeake, Virginia

I want to thank you and your excellent organization for the fine service and products we have received over the past three years. Service and reliability are the two most important factors in the secondary market and stand out as the market leader. For the hundreds of sets and cards that we have ordered from, we have had no failures of any kind, unlike several of your competitors that we had used previously, so we have not had the opportunity to take advantage of your warranty. However, there is no doubt on our part that returns and replacements would be handled as efficiently as new orders.

Pete A.
Folsom, California

I am writing this letter with the intent of expressing our great pleasure with the products and service we have received from The products have been flawless. After trying several vendors, I am very pleased with the quality and cost savings has given us.

Bruce W.
Modesto, California

Before it slips my mind, I've got to tell you this. I received the phone today from you. It looks like new, the cords, the extra buttons, the booklet, the way it's packaged, everything. I can't wait to give it to the recipient. On the other hand, I also received a similar phone (same model) from another vendor. It was in an oversized box with tons of packing junk, the phone isn't even polished and clean, the old telephone number paper is still init, there's no booklet, no extra cords, no extra buttons, blah blah blah. In general, I am totally embarrassed to deliver the phone that came from the other vendor. Needless to say, you will DEFINITELY be my first choice in the future and it looks like I could be needing more of these phones.

Julie T.
Churchville, New York

We have found working with very agreeable. We have found your responses to be both friendly and fast. We feel the reliability of your products and your overall product knowledge has been equal to or above other secondary market vendors.

Bill B.
Kansas City, Missouri

I want to thank you for providing [company name withheld] with telecommunication equipment and parts. It is nice to find a company that provides competitive prices and quality products. The service you and the staff of have given us over the past years is something you all can be very proud of. 

Roger J.
Hattiesburg, Mississippi

In our world of telecommunications, it is never hard to find someone that is willing to TALK to you about a "Great deal on your phone needs." It is however, extremely difficult to find someone who DOES what they say. This is not to say that you offer the cheapest deal in town, (we all know that you get what you pay for.) but you do offer something that is hard to put a price on. That something is quality in your service, quality in your product and not least of all, quality in your personnel. I have yet to be disappointed in our business relationship for the past three years. I find this kind of track record exceptional and I felt a need to demonstrate the recognition that it deserves.

Le Jon S.
Costa Mesa, California