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AVA_61886   008 MLX AVAYA Merlin MAGIX Module - 61886
AVA_61879   008 OPT AVAYA Merlin MAGIX Off-Premise Telephone Module Card - 61879
AVA_61851   016 ETR AVAYA Merlin MAGIX Module - 61851
AVA_61811   016 MLX AVAYA Merlin MAGIX Module - 61811
AVA_61807   016 Tip/Ring AVAYA Merlin MAGIX Module - 61807
AVA_61804   024 TDL AVAYA Merlin MAGIX Module - 61804
AVA_61880   100 DCD AVAYA Merlin MAGIX DS1 Module w/ CSU/DSU
AVA_61891   100 DS1 AVAYA Merlin MAGIX Module - 61891
AVA_63185   120A2 CSU Module (Channel Service Unit) 63185
AVA_63185A3   120A3 CSU Module (Channel Service Unit) 63185A3
327410BB   302C AVAYA DEFINITY Attendant Console with Display
AVA_MERLIN34STD   34-BTN AVAYA MERLIN Standard 34-Button Digital Telephone
AVA_61892   400 E&M Tie Line - AVAYA Merlin MAGIX Module - 61892
AVA_61805   408 GS/LS-ID MLX - AVAYA Merlin MAGIX Module - 61805
AVA_61803   412 TDL AVAYA Merlin MAGIX Module - 61803
4400   4400 - AVAYA Merlin MAGIX Telephone - Single Line Digital
4400D   4400D - AVAYA Merlin MAGIX Telephone - Single Line Digital w/ Display
4406DPLUS   4406D+ AVAYA Merlin MAGIX 6-Button Digital Telephone w/ Display
4412DPLUS   4412D+ AVAYA Merlin MAGIX 12-Button Digital Telephone w/ Display
4424DPLUS   4424D+ AVAYA Merlin MAGIX 24-Button Digital Telephone w/ Display
4424LDPLUS   4424LD+ AVAYA Merlin MAGIX 24-Button Digital Telephone w/ Large Display
4450   4450 AVAYA Merlin MAGIX DSS Direct Station Selector for 4424 Phones
5402   5402 Digital AVAYA Phone - 700381981 - 700345309
5410   5410 Digital AVAYA Phone - 700382005, 700345291
5420   5420 Digital AVAYA Phone - 700381627, 700339823
5601   5601 IP AVAYA Phone - 700345366
5602SW   5602SW IP AVAYA Phone - 700345358
5610SW   5610SW IP AVAYA Phone - 700381965
5620SW   5620SW IP AVAYA Phone - 700339815
5621SW   5621SW IP AVAYA Phone - 700385982
AVA_7302H   7302H 5-BTN AVAYA MERLIN 5-Button Set
AVA_3161172   7303H 10-BTN AVAYA MERLIN Standard Set
AVA_HFAI10   7309H HFAI-10 AVAYA MERLIN Telephone (Handsfree Auto Intercom)
AVA_316510   7313H BIS-10 AVAYA MERLIN 10-Button Built-In Speakerphone- 316510
AVA_MERBIS22   7314H BIS-22 AVAYA MERLIN 22-Button Built-In Speakerphone Set
AVA_BIS22D   7315H BIS-22D AVAYA MERLIN Display 22-Button Built-In Speakerphone Set
AVA_BIS34   7316H BIS-34 AVAYA MERLIN 34-Button Built-In Speakerphone Set
AVA_BIS34D   7317H BIS-34D AVAYA MERLIN 34-Button Display Speakerphone 7317H
3184-PLS   7401+ AVAYA DEFINITY Digital Telephone (7401 Plus)
3174-16D   7403 D01 AVAYA DEFINITY Digital Telephone
3175-40D   7405 D01 AVAYA DEFINITY Digital Telephone
3182-LCD   7406 D01 / D03 AVAYA DEFINITY Display Digital Telephone
3183-BDT   7406 D02 / D04 AVAYA DEFINITY Digital Telephone
AVA_3182PLS9   7406 D07 AVAYA Definity 7406D+ Display Phone- 3182PLS9
3183-PLS   7406+ D08 AVAYA DEFINITY Digital Telephone with Speakerphone
AVA_3180PLS9   7407 D02 AVAYA Definity 7407D+ Display Phone- 3180PLS9
3186-PLS   7410+ D02 AVAYA DEFINITY Digital Telephone
3187-VFD   7444 AVAYA DEFINITY Digital Telephone with Display
3233-03B   8403 BLACK AVAYA DEFINITY 3-Button Digital Telephone 323303
3233-5SB   8405B+ AVAYA DEFINITY 5-Button Digital Handsfree Telphone (8405B Plus)
3233-6SB   8405D+ AVAYA DEFINITY 5-Button Digital Handsfree Display Telephone
3234-05   8410 AVAYA DEFINITY 10-Button Basic Digital Handsfree Telephone
3235-05B   8410D AVAYA DEFINITY 10-Button Handsfree Digital Telephone w/Display- 323505B
3235-TRB   8411D AVAYA DEFINITY 10-Button Handsfree Digital Telephone w/ Display
3236-08B   8434DX AVAYA DEFINITY 34-Button Handsfree Digital Telephone w/ Display- 323608B
9610   9610 IP AVAYA Phone - 700383912
9620   9620 IP AVAYA Phone - 700426711
9620C   9620C IP AVAYA Phone - 700461205
9620L   9620L IP AVAYA Phone - 700461197
9630   9630 IP AVAYA Phone - 700426729
9630G   9630G IP AVAYA Phone - 700405673
9640   9640 IP AVAYA Phone - 700383920
9640G   9640G IP AVAYA Phone - 700419195
9650   9650 IP AVAYA Phone - 700383938
9650C   9650C IP AVAYA Phone - 700461213
9670G   9670G IP AVAYA Phone - 700460215
PLAN2665701   A20 On-Line Indicator
A170001311005   Aastra 480i IP SIP Screen Phone - A1700-0131-1005
A175101311001   Aastra 51i IP Phone - A1751-0131-10-01
A173600001055   Aastra 536M Expansion Module - A-1736-0000-10-55
A175301311001   Aastra 53i IP Phone - A1753-0131-10-01
A175501311001   Aastra 55i IP Phone - A1755-0131-10-01
A176000001055   Aastra 560M Expansion Module - A1760-0000-10-55
A175801311001   Aastra 57i CT IP Phone with Cordless Accessory Handset - A1758-0131-10-01
A175701311001   Aastra 57i IP Phone - A1757-0131-10-01
M9120   Aastra 9120 2-Line Caller ID Phone with Speakerphone
M8004   Aastra M8004 Telephone with Basic Features (Nortel)
M9110   Aastra M9110 Phone with Speakerphone
M9116LPC   Aastra M9116 Caller ID Phone with Speakerphone
NTMN80AA   AC Adapter for Nortel Meridian M3900 series phones
B0230393   AC Power Adapter for Nortel Aastra M5000 series phones
ACADAPTER_M8-9000   AC Power Adapters for Nortel M8000 and M9000 series analog phones
NTMN71AA   Accessory Connection Module for M3903/M3904/M3905
AMPHANDSET   Amplified Handset for M7000 and M2000 series
NTMN68   Analog Terminal Adapter for Nortel Meridian M3902, M3903, M3904, M3905 Phones
APC_PRO7T   APC PRO7T Professional Surge Arrest Protector
APC_SUA750XL   APC Smart-UPS SUA750XL Expandable Uninterruptible Power Supply
AS7200   AS7200 Assembly - AS7200 Dual Port DTI Card
PLAN1759301   Attitubes Voice Tube Replacement, Clear
PLAN1759370   Attitubes Voice Tube Replacement, Set of 6 (Rainbow)
1151D1   AVAYA 1151D1 Power Supply and Power Cord
HANDSETCORDAV12   AVAYA 12' Coiled Handset Cord - 10 PACK - Exact Replacement
AVA_63185A4   AVAYA 120A4 CSU Module (Channel Service Unit) 63185A4
AVA_63185A5   AVAYA 120A5 CSU Module (Channel Service Unit) 63185A5
AVA_63185A6   AVAYA 120A6 CSU Module (Channel Service Unit) 63185A6
handset1600   AVAYA 1600 Series Handset - 5 PACK
AVA_1603   AVAYA 1603 IP Phone
AVA_1608   AVAYA 1608 IP Phone
AVA_1616   AVAYA 1616 IP Phone
handset2400   AVAYA 2400 Series Handset - 5 PACK
3325-G02   AVAYA 2402 Digital Telephone
3325-G10   Avaya 2410 Digital Telephone Gray- 3325G10
3325-G20   Avaya 2420 Digital Telephone Gray - 3325G20
HANDSETCORDAV25   AVAYA 25' Coiled Handset Cord - 5 PACK - Exact Replacement
handset4400   AVAYA 4400 Series Handset - 5 PACK
handset46001   AVAYA 4600 Series 1 Handset - 5 PACK
handset46002   AVAYA 4600 Series 2 Handset - 5 PACK
AVA4601IP   AVAYA 4601 Basic VOIP Telephone
1889-02SW   AVAYA 4602 SW Display Feature VOIP Phone
4606-D01   AVAYA 4606 (D01) Display Feature VOIP Phone - 108576828 / 108576836 / 108627696
4606-D02   AVAYA 4606 (D02) Display Feature VOIP Phone - 700059306 / 700059314
1889-10G   AVAYA 4610SW Display Feature VOIP Phone- 188910G
4612-D01   AVAYA 4612 (D01) Display Feature VOIP Phone - 108690470 / 108690447
4612-D02   AVAYA 4612 (D02) Display Feature VOIP Phone - 700059348 / 700059355
AVA_188920G   AVAYA 4620 Executive Feature VOIP Phone with Display
AVA_4620SW   AVAYA 4620SW Executive Feature VOIP Phone with Display
AVA_1889-21G   AVAYA 4621 IP Office Telephone Set
4621SW   AVAYA 4621SW IP Office Telephone Set
4624-D01   AVAYA 4624 (D01) Executive Feature VOIP Phone with Display - 108576794 / 108576802
4624-D02   AVAYA 4624 (D02) Executive Feature VOIP Phone with Display - 700059389 / 700059397
AVA_700018807   AVAYA 4630 & 4630SW Touch Screen Display Feature IP Phone
handset5400   AVAYA 5400 Series Handset - 5 PACK
handset5600   AVAYA 5600 Series Handset - 5 PACK
handset6400   AVAYA 6400 Series Handset - 5 PACK
handset7400   AVAYA 7400 Series Handset - 5 PACK
handset8400   AVAYA 8100 / 8400 Series Handset - 5 PACK
handset9600   AVAYA 9600 Series Handset - 5 PACK
AVA_BM32   AVAYA BM32 Button Module KEM
CallMaster-I   AVAYA CallMaster I
CallMaster-II   AVAYA CallMaster II
CallMaster-III   AVAYA CallMaster III
CallMaster-IV   AVAYA CallMaster IV
CallMaster-V   AVAYA CallMaster V - 317950
CallMaster-VI   AVAYA CallMaster VI
AVA_31793G09   AVAYA Callmaster/Console Handset and Cradle Kit
3305-TR1   AVAYA Definity 100A Analog Interface Module
2404-010   AVAYA Definity 1151A1 Power Supply
63175   AVAYA Definity 302A1 Attendant Console 63175
3274-10B   AVAYA Definity 302B Attendant Console 3274-10B
167276   AVAYA Definity 302D Attendant Console 167276
AVA_337410B   AVAYA Definity 302D Handset and Cradle Kit
3302-02G   AVAYA Definity 6402D Digital Single Line Set w/ Display
6408PLUS   AVAYA Definity 6408+ Handsfree Telephone
6408DPLUS   AVAYA Definity 6408D+ Handsfree Display Telephone- 33048S
3306-16G   AVAYA Definity 6416D+ Handsfree Display Phone- 330616G
3306-6MG   AVAYA Definity 6416D+M Handsfree Display Telephone- 33066M
3307-24G   AVAYA Definity 6424D+ Handsfree Display Telephone- 330724G
3307-4MG   AVAYA Definity 6424D+M Handsfree Display Telephone- 33074MG
AVA_2404026   AVAYA Definity Telephone Power Supply 1151B1
63111   AVAYA Definity TN742 8-Port Analog Circuit Pack
XM24   AVAYA Definity XM24 24-Button Expansion Module
3324-GEXU   AVAYA EU24 Expansion DSS Module
700383771   AVAYA Gigabit Ethernet Adapter for the IP 9600 AVAYA Phone Series - 700383771
AVA_61486   AVAYA Legend 008 MLX Module - 61486
AVA_61511   AVAYA Legend 016 MLX Module - 61511
AVA_61493   AVAYA Legend 408 GS/LS MLX Module - 61493
AVA_61505   AVAYA Legend 408 GS/LS-ID/MLX Caller ID Module - 61505
linecord8c14   AVAYA Line Cords - 10 Pack - 14', 8-Conductor
AVA_MLM2PT   AVAYA Merlin Legend MLM Mail, 2-Port - 007 MLM
AVA_MLM4PT   AVAYA Merlin Legend MLM Mail, 4-Port - 007 MLM
AVA_MLM6PT   AVAYA Merlin Legend MLM Mail, 6-Port - 007 MLM
AVA_MLMUPGR2TO4   AVAYA Merlin Legend MLM Upgrade Card - 2 to 4 Ports
AVA_MLMUPG2TO6   AVAYA Merlin Legend MLM Upgrade Card - 2 to 6 Ports
handsetmlx   AVAYA Merlin Legend MLX series Handset - 5 PACK
AVA_MLM25   AVAYA Merlin Messaging 2.5 for Legend and Magix Systems (2-12 Ports)
AVA_MM1-1   AVAYA Merlin Messaging Release 1.1 (4 or 6 Ports)
handsetmerlin   AVAYA Merlin Series Handset - 5 PACK
6567201   AVAYA One-Touch Headset Amplifier for 7400/8400 Phones (SOTA)
315805   AVAYA Partner 18 Eurostyle (Series 1) ETR-18 Phone- 315805
315807   AVAYA Partner 18D Eurostyle (Series 1) ETR-18D Phone- 315807
315907   AVAYA Partner 18D Eurostyle (Series 2) Display Phone
AVA-60634   AVAYA Partner 200E Module
AVA-60626   AVAYA Partner 206E Rel. 3.0 Expansion Module
AVA-60631   AVAYA Partner 206E Rel. 3.1 Expansion Module
AVA-60631A   AVAYA Partner 206E Rel. 4.1 Expansion Module
315808   AVAYA Partner 34D Eurostyle (Series 1) ETR-34D Phone- 315808
315908   AVAYA Partner 34D Eurostyle (Series 2) Display Phone
AVA-60540   AVAYA Partner 400E Expansion Module
AVA_60561   AVAYA Partner 5-Slot Carrier, Release 2.0 60561
315804   AVAYA Partner 6 Eurostyle (Series 1) ETR-6 Phone- 315804
315904   AVAYA Partner 6D Eurostyle (Series 2) Display Phone
AVA_012E   AVAYA Partner ACS 012E
AVA_ACS2SLOT   AVAYA Partner ACS 2-Slot Carrier
AVA_60557   AVAYA Partner ACS 308EC Expansion Module
AVA_400EC   AVAYA Partner ACS 400EC Module with Caller ID
AVA_6054P70   AVAYA Partner ACS 7.0 Processor
AVA_ASADXD3   AVAYA Partner ACS ASA/DXD R3 PC Card - Automatic System Answer
AVA_ACSCLOSE   AVAYA Partner ACS Contact Closure Adjunct Unit
AVA_ACS6   AVAYA Partner ACS Processor 6.0
AVA_ACST1   AVAYA Partner ACS T1 Module
CA-24   AVAYA Partner CA-24 Assistant DSS/KEM for MLS-34D
3158CA   AVAYA Partner CA-48 Eurostyle Call Assistant
AVA-60624   AVAYA Partner Carrier 1.0, 5 Slots
handseteuro1   AVAYA Partner Eurostyle (Series 1) Handset - 5 PACK
handseteuro2   AVAYA Partner Eurostyle (Series 2) Handset - 5 PACK
AVA-60632   AVAYA Partner II 206EC Expansion Module
AVA-6050EXP   AVAYA Partner II System Expansion Kit
AVA_PARTVS1-0   AVAYA Partner Mail VS, Release 1.0 - 2 Ports (10 or 20 Mailboxes)

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